Chief’s Fortune, though still a classic by any definition, is a vast improvement over its predecessor Chief’s Magic, thanks to its improved graphics, an additional wild feature, and a unique bonus round.

Chief’s Fortune is the perfect game to replace Chief’s Magic. The studio has even added humor to the slot for a more enjoyable experience.

Bigger and Better

Chief’s Fortune is the same as Chief’s Magic but has a much-improved user interface. The game’s information is condensed on one screen. Both the reels and three payout tables are instantly visible.

Chief’s Fortune has the same number and type of buttons as its predecessor, allowing players to choose between 1 and 3 coin sizes. They can also select from a variety of fixed bet amounts. The top jackpot in this game is a staggering 2,000 coins. However, as with Chief’s Magic, you can only achieve it by playing the maximum coin size.

The slot differs from its predecessors in that it has a wild character that can replace any icon on the three reels. There are also special arrows that trigger the bonus feature if they appear on the central payline.

Paint a new coat.

Chief’s Fortune’s visuals have been upgraded in the same way as Chief’s Magic’s gameplay. The Chief, who was once bland and lacked color, now has a beautiful ceremonial headdress. And the background of the game is now a Native American village with many tepees instead of the monotonous mountain range.

Though essentially the same, the symbols have also been given a makeover to make them look more appealing. The black BAR logos, for example, now feature an orange border, and the red lucky seven has been given an Indian-inspired makeover. Although the sounds are similar to those of a classic slot machine, it’s not surprising that they remain unchanged.

Bonus round: This is an excellent distraction from the standard visuals. Players are taken to a different screen to dress the Chief in the rain dance. This round adds some humor and allows players to win 600 coins. It features bunny slippers, hi-tops, traditional Native American headdresses, and football helmets.

Dressed for Impress

Despite its classic nature, Chief’s Fortune has a bonus roundtriggered when an arrow symbol appears on every space of the single payline. The player is then taken to a screen where he must select the clothing the Chief will wear to the rain dancing to prevent the drought.

This is also very simple to do. Players must click on four cards to reveal a random piece of clothing. Three paytables are displayed at the top of the screen, showing the value of each accessory. The highest-value combination is to dress the Chief in all Native American garb. Each item costs 150 coins.

The new Chief

Chief’s Fortune is a vast improvement over Chief’s Magic, which was generally a disappointing title. The slot has the retro charm to attract retro gaming machine fans, but it also includes a bonus game to appeal to a more modern breed video slot player. Combine this with improved graphics, higher payouts, and wilds that can be substituted to create more winning combinations.

Chief’s Magic Slots

Chief’s Magic is a classic Microgaming 3 reel slot that uses Native American imagery to differentiate itself from other retro games.

Chief’s Magic is a simple slot game with just one payline, three paytables, and no scatter or wild symbols. The game is available to play between $0.25 and $15.00. It features a 200x bet top prize for matching three chief symbols. However, this only applies at the highest levels.

American Spirit

Chief’s Magic is a classic video game, so the reels and the payout information are all on one screen. This lets players quickly see the slot machine’s work without digging through additional menus. The entire interface of the game has only three buttons: coin amount, bet maximum, and coin size.

The “bet one button” can increase your wager from one to three coins. The /- button changes the coin value. The “bet maximum” button will increase the coin size and multiply the bet instantly. In the game, payouts are given for any three-of-a-kind on the central area of all three reels. The only exceptions to this rule are the BAR logos, which pay out in any combination.

The paytables can be found on the right side of the screen. Players will see that the more they can win, the more they wager per spin. When you play with just one coin, the maximum payout is 150x, but if you increase it to three coins, you can win up to 200x.

Native American

Chief’s Magic is a traditional game in design and symbols. The game is a single-screen slot that features a Native American Chief in full headdress in front of a mountainous background.

The symbols on each reel are also retro-styled, such as the BAR symbol, a lucky seven, and the yellow and Orange Chief’s Magic Logo. Even the sound of the spinning wheel and the bleep of a winning line is reminiscent of an old bricks-and-mortar slot machine. When a winning payline is activated, the Native American Chief in the game’s background will twitch. This is the only animation on an otherwise simplistic slot machine.

Landscape without features

As mentioned, Chief’s Magic is a game that offers little excitement. The fun doesn’t have a wild symbol. Instead, the BAR symbols are the only feature that can be used to create a winning payout line.

Three single BARs pay out 3x, three double BARs 5x, and three triple BARs 10x. Players can mix and match these three combinations to double their initial stake. In Chief’s Magic, for example, two BARs would be considered a win, but the amount won would be lower.

There’s not much else to this game, and we’re left wondering why the highest-value icon, the titular Chief himself, isn’t used as a wild substitute. Microgaming could not make money from this slot, as only one payline exists. However, it would add some drama.

Lacking value

Chief’s Magic is not a game I recommend unless you are a fan of classic slots. There is a bit extra value in the increased payouts for using the “bet maximum” button. However, they do not increase with the actual wager size.