Because of my profession, I tend to travel a lot and to kill the spare time I got in between the meetings and during the long flight I play the online casino slots for fun and if I am fortunate enough someday then I go for the real money to win some big money till the death of my stamina. As the same happened when I was returning from japan from a business trip, although I don’t believe much in god luck and all, but this incident changed my perception a bit.

It all started, when I was walking down on the streets of shanghai and came around a mystic shop around the corner, the shopkeeper was selling some feng shui stuff to bring harmony and luck, at first I didn’t show much interest in that, but as he was insisting so much so I took a three legged frog who was supposed to bring more money in my life and I have already read about in some book script. But never felt anything or experience the trailer of its magic. So eventually I got it packed and took it in my laptop bag.

During the flight, I took my android phone and started playing the slot that I was currently enjoying called the Spectacular wow, its full name is wheel of wealth and it is a 3 reel, single pay line classic game themed on some wheel of wealth that depicts the destiny and luck. When I started playing you won’t believe that I hit the jackpot one after the other. And even I couldn’t believe what was happening that day maybe it’s because of the three legged frog which was lying in lap right underneath the mobile on which I am playing, I am still in doubt but surely going to test it soon and will post the review.