It was last weekend when I had to perform in a live rock concert; basically I am a guitar artist and worked in a band. But I wanted to make my mine so I needed some money, so that’s why I did perform with the other bands. After that performance I and my co-artist went to the bar and played some drinking games there.

So he told me how much he passionate about the gambling, so I asked him that is it safe or really helps in order to make money. He told me about his friend that he made a good amount of money from these betting and all stuff. So if I want to make money soon so I had to start it. So that time I said I will consider about it.

After having drink and food I was waiting on the bus stop for bus. For making time pass I opened my mobile and searching for some best online casino machine which I could play. I got a long list there, but most of people liked the thunderstruck slot machine. So I opened that link and figured out how to play it and all about it. So I found a user review that I must try watching a trailer of this on youtube.

It was 9 payline and 5 reel poker machines, which is based on the legend of Thor, kingdom, lighting and strength of it, theme which used in this is mythological and majestic. When you will open it and signup with it, it will offer free spins to play. The soundtrack of this one was pretty nice and all about the drum bell. After those spins you will have to buy more credits like I did, I really enjoyed this pokie and I made a lot of real money through it and started my own band and related some new guitar album and tutorial on the net. So hope when you will play you will surely like it and I am wishing you good luck for this slot machine.