Three days ago, my younger sister came to me to clear her doubts in History. She used to come to me to ask her school’s questions when she found herself in problem. She asked few questions and I answered her very sweetly as I always do.

Suddenly she asked me that which was the first animated television show based on Stone Age man’s life. I had not her answer that time so I requested her to come next day with that question. And soon I started to search the answer of that question. I found a television show named “The Flintstones” which was based on a Stone Age man’s life. It was mind-blowing to be known about a show of 1960.

I was excited to watch some shows of that series, I watched almost ten episodes of that show, and suddenly a link appeared something like “play The Winstones”. That time my curiosity was on extreme level, I just wanted to play that game.

I opened the link and was started planning to play that game. I searched for some reviews on Google first, and then I came to know that it was pokies. It was a 30 line, five reel poker machine that was full of new features. Reviews were also excellent, so I finally got ready to deal with that event. Soon I registered on the website as I was playing it online. In that coin expressed its value by British pound. That means I can bet for a maximum thirty eight dollar on a single spin. But I really didn’t want to do something like that.

That contest was totally based on that television series I have discussed before. In game there were so many wild symbols (like cave, dinosaur etc.) were available to be matched. I played that contest for whole night and won a large amount of money too.

The very next night, I suddenly had the urge to play at the land-based casino, so I tried to found 24hr late night casino in Adelaide city and luckily I found some free pokies that open early morning at 6 am and closes pretty late. when I played on land-based poker machines I came to know that there is a different kind of fun in there, I enjoyed them very much as well.

Credit for what happened to me that nightgoes to my younger sister who asked me a history question. I gave her some part of my winning prize too. I would really like to suggest this game to all of you guys, it is a fantastic game.